We accompany you in the setting in sale of your real estate - residential properties (houses, apartments...) or professionals (offices, premises...) but also land, garages...

We will meet with you to understand your projectyour needs and your constraints. We proceed to a meticulous discovery of your property in order to arrive at a real estate estimate written and realized by our care, This is done in view of the intrinsic characteristics of your property (strengths and weaknesses; precise surface areas) but also in view of the characteristics of the market.

We will propose you a mandate of sale, and will be able to proceed to all the actions of diffusion and prospection in order to identify of potential buyers and ensure the discovery and visits of your property.

We will carry out, for you, all the exchanges and negotiations and will accompany you throughout the sales process, from the offer to purchase to the signing of the deed of sale and beyond, through the drafting and signing of the sales agreement.

Finally, we will try to help you consultant on all aspects of the process, including from a technical, legal, financial and fiscal.


We accompany you in the rental management of your property and your patrimony and guarantee you an accompaniment and advice on all aspects of the management and administration of a property:


  o Discovery of your assets in order to carry out a rental estimate in line with the local market
  o Enhancement and maintenance of your heritage
  o Assistance in the drafting of tax documents and the declaration of property income
  o Monitoring and information on current legislation and regulations as well as future developments


  o Search for a tenant by broadcasting on the appropriate communication media and by prospecting
  o Realization of the visits
  o Realization of the technical diagnoses necessary to the rent
  o Drafting of the rental contract according to the type of property
  o Inventory of fixtures on arrival and departure of the tenant


  o Rigorous analysis of applications
  o Collection of rent and charges and transfer every month on a fixed date by bank transfer
  o Monthly and quarterly reporting of management accounts
  o Annual review of rents and charges
  o Technical management of maintenance work (preparation of estimates in liaison with you, selection of companies at the best price, supervision of work)
  o Declaration in the event of a claim and follow-up of the file

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